Lyndhurst Animal Clinic
            Internal Medicine
We emphasize preventative health care for your pets.  Wellness exams are the
cornerstone to ensuring your pet remains happy and healthy.  Our wellness exams
include tailoring vaccinations and laboratory screening to your pet's individual needs.
  • Full service diagnostics- Specimen submission to reference laboratories and
    various in-clinic diagnostics including microscopy, blood testing, urinalysis,
    biopsy, bacterial and fungal cultures.
  • Video Otoscopy for deep ear canal evaluation and treatment.
  • Radiology - high quality and fast results with ability to share images with
  • General Dermatology including diagnosis and treatment of parasites, infections,
    allergies, and skin biopsy.
  • Ophthalmology - Due to his special interest in ophthalmology, Dr. Leon
    Mendlowitz seeks out continuing education in this field. Our practice offers care
    for many ocular conditions including superficial and deep corneal ulcers,
    glaucoma management and eyelid diseases. We often work with local
    veterinary ophthalmologists and cooperatively manage your pets condition,
    when referral is necessary.
  • Behavior - Our doctors in cooperation with our veterinary assistant, Christine,
    help diagnose and advise for a variety or behavioral conditions including
    anxiety/phobia, inappropriate elimination problems, cognitive dysfunction, and
    aggression.  We work closely with a local veterinary behavior specialist when
    referral is necessary.
Pain management is an essential part of our philosophy regarding surgery.  We
provide pain relief before, during, and after your pet's procedure.  We also perform
pre-surgical laboratory tests in order to tailor an individual anesthetic protocol for the
safety of your beloved companion.
Surgeries performed at Lyndhurst Animal Clinic include:
  • Spay/Pyometra
  • Castration
  • Exploratory Surgery/Foreign Body Removal
  • Cystotomy
  • Urohydropulsion
  • Splenectomy
  • Growth/Mass Removal and Biopsy
  • Declaw and Dewclaw removal
  • Laceration/Abscess/Wound Repair
  • Amputation
  • Urethrostomy
  • Aural Hematoma Repair
  • Cryosurgery - Distichiasis
  • Cherry Eye Repair
  • Entropion Correction
Anesthesia - We incorporate a variety of anesthetics in order to ensure the safest
protocol for your pet.  We use the latest equipment to aid in monitoring heart rate,
blood oxygenation, electrocardiography, blood pressure (Doppler and Oscillometric)
and use mechanical ventilation.

If you are apprehensive about anesthesia for your pet, please ask our doctors to
explain how our anesthetic approach is as safe as possible.  Our patients generally
rest easier at home the night of their procedure (with the exception of cats undergoing
declaw surgery who stay in our clinic for two nights). If further observation is
necessary overnight, we will refer you to the 24 hours specialty hospital.

Our main surgeon, Dr. Alisa Taddeo has a passion for surgery, but one thing that
makes her heart skip a beat, is dentistry.  Dr. Taddeo keeps up with the latest
information.  Our dental procedures include full mouth oral radiographs with our digital
X-ray machine.  Every tooth is probed, cleaned, and polished in your companion's
mouth.  After Dr. Taddeo's oral evaluation, she will devise the best plan for your pet
and discuss with you, the owner, if any oral surgery is required, including extractions.  
If extractions are needed, we step up our pain management protocol and perform oral
nerve blocks in your pet's mouth.