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Client Letters

Princess Buffy, our kitty of 19 years, passed peacefully into her new realm on Saturday morning via the skillful, loving guidance of her favorite vet, Dr. Arthur Wohlfeiler.

Buff, born May 20, 1993, learned early the ancient Art of The Amazon Huntress and soon was labeled "The Buff Monster" by anything locally that slithered, burrowed, scampered, flew or swam. Many a hapless critter would find itself partially presented on our porch floor as a trophy for mom and dad. On one especially Slaughterous Summer Sunday, she proved so effective at her skill that dad had to grab her and bring her inside to watch a PBS nature program on the value of conserving wildlife.

Long before her talents began to erode, Buffy took early retirement from hunting and chose the life of a sedentary indoor cat. Legend has it that the local critters held a Celebration of Life event as soon as word got out about the retirement.

Once indoors, Buffy threw herself into new discoveries. For example, she became enthralled with every closet in the house and used them both as napping grounds and as perfect hiding spots from nosy parents and a quarrelsome sister. She quickly taught her parents to leave every closet door open for easy access and egress. Any accidental closing could become a high tension, messy affair! She loved many forms of music, preferring Baroque and Easy Jazz (Ella and Satch were favorites but she absolutely purred for Eartha Kitt).

In her waning years Buffy became a student of the old tradition of sunbeam bathing and practiced it to perfection in the Winter months, learning which room held the best potential at each hour of the day. She expanded her epicurean tastes, at Dr. Wohlfeiler's recommendation, to include canned meats. She drove her mother batty with her feline finickiness, one day loving the 'pate du jour', the next hating it. Eventually, however, she settled on everyday Friskies, to everyone's approval. She never, ever touched human food, a testament to her longevity.

One of Buffy's most endearing habits was the gentle paw-to-the-face technique, usually practiced at 3am on a bitter winter night to politely awaken a sleeping parent so that he/she could lift a sheet and allow the princess entry for body warmth. Normally five minutes was all she needed.

What a trip it's been. What an absolutely glorious trip. Thanks, God, for the 19 year loan of this most wonderful creature. We were honored and blessed.
-Gary and Joann

shelties-549x459My dogs are not therapy dogs, but I wanted to include them on your site. I have been a client here for over 20 years. The 3 shelties in the attached picture are the most recent of the 8 shelties that Dr. Wohlfeiler has taken care of for me over the years. Thanks, Doc!
-Carol Schwarber

Here are (clockwise from top left) Laci, Lily, and Emily.

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